How does your garden grow?

I have always wanted to have a garden at my house. When I was little, my mom had this amazing terraced garden on the side of our house. She grew all kinds of vegetables and I remember it being really incredible. Since I’ve grown up and moved away – going on 7 years now – I have never lived in a place that was large enough to grow anything more than some potted herbs.

Finally, in our new place, we have a yard! It’s a shared space and it’s not very private, but it’s a yard nonetheless. At the beginning of June, David and his dad built a garden box and we planted our first seedlings. We started with a cucumber, zucchini, bush beans (green beans), jalapenos, bell pepper, anaheim chile, habanero chile, a row of swiss chard, basil and parsley, and a tomato. Since then we’ve added 3 heirloom tomato plants that David’s sister gave us and a pumpkin. It’s been just about 6 weeks since we put everything in and we are starting to get some veggies! We’ve had a few tomatoes, cucumbers, and of course, zucchini (I actually made some zucchini bread today to use some of it up! So good – I will share this recipe soon).

Here’s the progress. It’s pretty amazing how fast it all grows!

Here’s the box with nothing in it:

Laying everything out…


Stupid caterpillar that ate all the leaves off of one jalapeno plant overnight! I felt bad about killing it, so I just relocated it to another plant elsewhere in the yard.

This is about 3 weeks in. And yes, I put my tomato basket in upside down. I’m learning!

And this is it as of yesterday. Sort of like a miniature jungle! I am still amazed that I’ve managed to keep it all alive – with the exception of the green bean, which does not look so hot and will probably come out in the next couple days.

The thing I’m most excited about is this:

A baby pumpkin! The people at the nursery told me that it should be ready by October. So excited!

I am looking forward to planting some fall veggies in the coming months (after it cools down a bit – it was almost 100 here today!)

Do any of you have gardens? Any advice for a novice?


One response to “How does your garden grow?

  1. Amazing garden, can’t wait to see more pictures, especially of the pumpkin. I hope that “relocating” the catepillar instead of annihilating him doesn’t mean he (and his friends) will be back in the dead of night to have a feast!

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