It’s always right around this time each year that I start feeling ready for fall.  I’m not a sun-worshiper by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy some of the hallmarks of summer: backyard BBQs with friends, a cold bottle of beer dripping sweat onto the wooden outdoor table, leaving rings at the end of the night when you collect the remnants of a day well spent. Lying on a towel in the grass, good book in hand, sun warming skin. Long days when the sun is up in the early hours of the workweek morning and stays up long enough for a long post-work walk.

But always around August, I start a quiet longing for the cooling feeling of autumn. Crisp mornings, stumbling out to the living room and opening the front door to let in the fresh morning air, only to realize I need a blanket or a sweater for my morning coffee and couch ritual. The ever so slight change in the trees and plants in our gorgeous Southern California neighborhood – the trees start to look a little lazier, a new guard of flowers starts to bloom. Mental list-making of gifts to purchase, gatherings to plan, and things to bake, now that it’s cool enough to even think of turning on the oven.

For now, there are at least a few weeks of heat left. My garden will stay thirsty and the grass just a bit crunchy underfoot. Still, it is the knowing that fall, my most favorite of seasons, is on its way.  Until then, I will chose to make ice cream over cakes, and will remind myself that, even in these most sweltering of days, there are reasons to love summer.


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